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Due February 14, 2020

Summer FLAS Fellowships awarded by ESC are open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at any institution of higher education, working toward a degree in any field. The target language must relate to the student’s research and/or professional. Summer FLAS Fellowships may be used by Summer Language Institute (SLI) students taking any language other than Russian. 

• FLAS wards are designed for students taking language courses at the second year or higher level. Under certain circumstances, graduate students may be eligible for FLAS funding to study less commonly taught languages at the first-year level; please contact irm24@pitt.edu for more information. 

• Summer FLAS awards provided by ESC can be used toward programs in Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, French (advanced only), Gaelic, German (advanced only), Greek (Modern), Hebrew (Modern), Hungarian, Italian (advanced only), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (advanced only), Swedish, and Turkish. • These fellowships are open to US citizens and permanent residents only.

1. The language program must consist of at least 140 hours for intermediate courses; 120 hours for advanced level courses.
2. The language program must last a minimum of 6 weeks.
3. The course must be taken for a letter grade that is based on tests administered during the course.

The summer FLAS Fellowship provides awardees with $5000 towards tuition and fees in addition to a stipend of approximately $2,500. The Fellowship may be supplemented with funding from other sources.  Applicants will be notified of award decisions by the middle of April.

Please note all students must submit copies of transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs attended to the European Studies Center in hard copy.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.