This award will pay for up to five students to travel to Boston to attend the Japanese Language Boston Career Forum, the world’s largest job fair for Japanese and English speakers. Students will be required to attend a planning meeting for the grant, and will be asked to do up to three hours of service about the forum.

The Boston Career Forum runs from November 1-3. Travel and hotel will be arranged by the Asian Studies Center. Students will need to pay for their food and other expenses beyond hotel, flight, and one organized group dinner.

For more information about the Boston Career Forum and to register for the event, see

Award amount- airfare and hotel for two nights

Deadline: September 20th 2019

Eligibility: Full time Pitt students

Students must

· Have completed at least one year of college level Japanese

· Register for the Boston Career Forum before the application deadline.

· Commit to attending one pre-departure meeting and up to three hours of service related to the Boston Career Forum on return.

Preference will be given to students:

· In their final year of undergraduate work or are graduate students

· Who have achieved at least intermediate proficiency in Japanese

· Who are Asian Studies Certificate or IDMA students

· Who have completed a Japanese Language resume 

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