Funding priorities

GAP is designed to help Pitt scholars build and sustain meaningful global partnerships, to enrich the intellectual environment at Pitt through bringing innovative events and programming to campus, and to support and amplify the priorities of the Global Studies Center. The program supports academic events at Pitt that fulfill each of the following three criteria:

  • Interdisciplinary: The project's interdisciplinary character must be demonstrated in the proposal.
  • Global Content: Applications must describe explicitly how the proposed activities use an interdisciplinary approach that is transnational in scope to complement GSC programming, seed future initiatives, and/or complement certificate concentrations.
  • International Partners: Proposals must include participants from at least one international partner institution and demonstrate the value and sustainability of their proposed partnerships. Institutions may be universities, governments, international organizations, NGOs, think-tanks, or other entities whose participation is justified by the project as described in the application. Proposals that involve support for student researchers in exchanges with international partner institutions are also encouraged.

Credible demonstration of publications, curricular enhancements, and other positive impact on the intellectual life of the University that will result from a proposed project strengthens and application.


Full-time and part-time TS and NTS faculty (including lecturers and instructors) are eligible to apply. Adjunct, visiting, and emeritus faculty are not eligible. Each proposal may be submitted only once. However, an applicant may be a member of more than one GAP team, if the proposals submitted by the different teams are unique.

What Can Be Funded?

GAP awards may be used for related travel (e.g., airfare, accomodations, and meals); for honoraria for academic event organizers and participants; and for direct event expenses (e.g., room and equipment rental and receptions), phone/postage, printing, and staff support. Funding may also be used for relevant international student exchanges with partner institutions or for research support. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek matching external funding.

What Cannot Be Funded?

GAP awards may not be used for the purchase of equipment.

Grantee Obligations

Grantees are expected to:

  • Work with the GSC on the planning and progress of events and programs;
  • Work with the GSC to publicize programs and disseminate proceedings and findings;
  • Acknowledge the GSC, the Office of the Provost, and UCIS in all project-related publicity, events and publications;
  • Submit a two-page summary of results within two months after the termination of the grant;
  • Expend all funds awarded for AY2020-21 ($10,000) by June 15, 2021; and all funds for AY2021-22 ($30,000) by June 15, 2022.

Application Procedure

  1.  Complete the application form below.
  2. Write a proposal narrative of not more than five pages (single-spaced, minimum 11-point font) that:
    • demonstrates that the project fulfills GAP funding priorities (described above);
    • describes the purpose of the academic events and programs (with approximate dates);
    • identifies institutions and individuals involved, and in what capacity;
    • explains expected costs and available non-GAP funding.
  3. Gather a current Curriculum Vitae for each key participating team member.
  4. Provide an estimated budget for the proposed academic event, including any planning meetings and post-event activities. See above guidelines for allowable expenses. Indicate all actual or anticipated matching contributions from other sources.
  5. Submit the completed application form, narrative, budget, and CVs below.

Any documentation additional to the materials requested above will not be reviewed. The completed application form and supporting materials must be submitted online by Sunday, March 1, 2020.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.